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Our Fantasy Fin Authentic Sparkly Kid's Mermaid Tails are made only from the highest quality 4way stretch fabrics, designed for swimming in lakes, oceans and pools.  Each Mermaid Tails has a long side zipper for walking and easy insertion / removal of the Mono-Fin.  They are for children 10 and under and come with our Kids Mermaid Monofin in Blue or Pink, which fits kids foot size 8 - 2.  If you want to confirm exactly what tail size is right for you, check our tail sizing chart below.

Our NEW Fantasy Fin Mystic printed scale Mermaid Tails are made from a high quality 4way stretch swim fabric.   They have an open bottom for swimming or walking and come with our new Neoprene covered Sock Monofin to fit kids foot sizes 8 to 2.  Available in 2 fabulous colors!

Measure waist around belly button and length from side level to bellybutton, down to Ankle:

Small 6/7   (Length 28"/ waist 19-21")

Medium 8/9   (Length 29.5"/ waist 21-23")

Large 10  (Length 31"/ waist 23-25")