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About Us

Fantasy Fin is proud to offer only the highest quality fins, mermaid tails and swim accessories designed to make swimming fun and safe.

Fantasy Fin brings you the highest quality swimmable mermaid tails available on the market!!  Swim like a dolphin with our patented Fantasy Fin monofins or add a sparkly tail to transform into a mysterious mermaid or merman.  Fantasy Fin swimmable mermaid tails are produced from only the best quality 4-way stretch fabric and have a long hidden zipper for easy insertion/ removal of the Fantasy Fin monofin.   Each Fantasy Fin mermaid tail and monofin includes neoprene fin tips to protect the fabric when swimming in a rough pool.  Our patented Fantasy Fin monofins are made with Silicone to prevent the fin from cracking or breaking.   

Swimming with our Fantasy Fin monofin and mermaid tail helps:

  • increase swimming skills
  • strengthen muscle tone in abdominal core, glute and thigh muscles
  • provide hours of safe fun for kids and adults of all ages
  • motivates kids/teens to get into the water and have fun away from electronics
For more information, please contact us at
  • telephone 1-844-463-4638
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